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    ASPIRE to Greatness

    ASPIRE Beverage Company recognizes and rewards top-performing high school student-athletes in Minnesota with a selection criteria that honors “greatness” demonstrated in four areas:

    1. Athletics
    2. Academics
    3. Community involvement 
    4. Upstanding character and leadership qualities

    The ASPIRE Athlete of the Week program will run throughout the entire school year and seeks to recognize the incredible accomplishments of well-rounded high school individuals. Each week, five semi-finalists are selected by a committee.  One finalist is determined by online voting that is open to the public from 10am on Sundays to 10am on Wednesdays.  The semi-finalists and finalists will be featured on THIS WEEK IN HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS radio program on ESPN1500 (KSTP) on Saturdays at 1PM and GAME ON TV program on FOX My29 (WFTC) on Sundays at 10AM. They will also be featured on a network of local online news and social media sites.

    Nominee Process

    High school activities directors, coaches, and school faculty members are encouraged to submit nominations each week and can do so at any time.  This year, all high school students grades 9th-12th will be eligible for the ASPIRE Athlete of the Week award.  Candidates are evaluated based upon the collective “greatness” they display athletics, academics, community involvement, and upstanding character and leadership qualities.

    Selection Process

    The five semi-finalists announced each week are selected by a committee of local experts.  The ASPIRE Athlete of the Week finalist is purely determined by online voting.  Only one vote can be placed from an individual IP address every 24 hours.

    About ASPIRE Beverage Company

    “ASPIRE Beverage Company produces natural sports drinks to improve the health and performance of athletes.  There are currently five flavors available: ICE (lemon lime), FIRE (cherry berry), STORM (grape), RISE (orange citrus), and RUSH (blue raspberry).

    “ASPIRE – It’s the radical idea of striving for better in an increasingly cynical and competitive world.”

    More information is available at

    Weekly ASPIRE Athlete of the Week semi-finalists are selected from the pool of nominees by a committee of local experts and finalists are determined by online voting.  NOMINATE and VOTE!!


    Official Sports Drink of the Minnesota Football Coaches Association